Yamaha dgx 660 review- read before purchasing!

Whether its vehicles or music equipment, Yamaha have certainly been the leading brand of them all!  It is a true versatile brand that can enter into every regime and can make the things go right in the direction that it wants! When it comes to portable, unique and advanced digital piano or keyboard, nothing can beat Yamaha dgx 660. It comes with incredible capabilities that can take your music knowledge and expertise to another extent. Here is our Yamaha dgx 660 review, which will enhance your knowledge before buying and trying hands on the same.

 Features and specifications

The Yamaha’s portable grand line came up with this exclusive product which has replaced its predecessor DGX-650. It is the only keyboard within this line that comes with fully weighted keys. It also featured enhanced polyphony adding up with a few new sounds, features and effects that give you a great opportunity to try out your professional experience on the keys. It comes with-

  • 88 keys that are fully weighted and have matte black tops
  • Hard, medium, fixed and soft touch sensitivity
  • Standard action graded hammer
  • An LCD of 320 x 240 for lyrics and score
  • 192-note polyphony
  • 205 styles
  • Split, Dual modes
  • MIDI recorder – 6 tracks
  • 6W + 6W speakers
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty

……..and a lot more!

The design and out of the box features

Yamaha dgx 660 review

Talking about its design and uniqueness in this Yamaha dgx 660 review, the product is actually portable, but it’s a bit heavy too! However, being heavy is never a complication when you love the quality and multiple features over everything else. Within the P series, it is surely the biggest one that you will see, but it is also the best in terms of features, sounds and connectivity solutions that you can’t get in its predecessors.

The product is 5.7” high as well as 55” wide or 29.9” high along with the stand that is pretty much ok for such a great keyboard to accommodate. Also when compared to its other products, the company has kept Yamaha dgx 660 17.5” deep that makes it a little bulky too. Also, without the stand, the product weighs 46.3 lbs and with the stand, it is around 61.75 lbs. you can find a matching stand for it that is available in both black and white colors, as the keyboard is. It has an “ikea-style” assembly so you don’t have to spend more than 25 minutes setting up the whole system. Overall, it is a great solution to all your complications!

Final verdict

Well, after this Yamaha dgx 660 review, a lot of you might have certainly made your mind about buying it or not! With numerous add-ons and simple classic colors, it is certainly the best product that you can currently use within the mainstream music industry. It comes with a huge library of songs, audio/midi recording abilities, and huge connectivity options for ease in input and outputs. The only thing that might hinder you is that it is actually not as portable as other products within the same line.