Things to know about Gunvault Speedvault SV 500

If a person is looking for an extra-protection for one’s family, then the Gunvault SV 500 Speedvault Handgun Safe is the best solution. Though all the guns come for the purpose of protection, and nothing is as best as the Gunvault’s speed. With the Gunvault Speedvault SV 500, the owners from different walks of life will get the utmost security and safety. Further, the Gunvault is the best selling handgun safe on every other online shopping websites in comparison to all other handgun safes.

The features of the Gunvault handgun safeGunvault Speedvault

The advanced fast-activation drop-down drawer feature is of greater help when comes to greater help in emergency circumstances to take extra quick access. The pistols, passports, jewelry, and cash are well-secured with the durable 18-gauge steel made Gunvault Speedvault SV 500. The owners will be more satisfied and assured with the virtually impenetrable Gunvault SV 500 feature. The wide range of mounting availability in the Gunvault SV 500 provides compact and advanced accessibility despite the smaller space of one’s office, home or other places. The one who has some experience in the guns will eventually appreciate the easy mounting of the Gunvault handgun. The “L” bracket and the other mounting features, one will get three advanced options to mount the Gunvault SV 500 handgun safe. The gun will be attached effortlessly once the “L” bracket is installed and the safe can be mounted on a wall stud, wood or any other place.

  • Internal floodlight

The Gunvault SV 500 handgun safe has ultra bright internal floodlight which enhances more visibility feature while including or excluding contents in safe. This advanced and thoughtful feature turns into a lifesaving feature in specific circumstances.

  • Combination lock or Biometric

Keeping in the mind of the people who desired to use their fingerprints to access their guns, the biometric lock model is designed and provided. Based on the type of locking mechanism, one can choose the desired option between the two major models of the Gunvault Speedvault SV 500.

  • Warranty

The advanced engineering and the supreme integration of Gunvault into the Speedvault SV500 is confident enough to act with speed in emergency situations. It has a five year warranty including the fires and burglary cases.

The advantages of Gunvault SV 500 Speedvault

  • The advanced quick access Gunvault is lifesaving during emergency situations
  • The Gunvault is easy to mount across different areas and spaces
  • Can opt combination or biometric style
  • 18 – gauge steel prevents the access of the third party as it is virtually constructed
  • It also has the feature of alerting low battery warnings to ensure safety and precaution

The disadvantages of Gunvault SV 500 Speedvault

  • The whining noise is heard while locking and unlocking the gun
  • The Gunvault’s internal floodlight is extremely bright
  • Screws that ship with the Gunvault SV 500 Speevault must be definitely are longer for mounting on wood surfaces.

Thus, the Gunvault comes handy and easy to mount it safe whenever it is necessary and provides quick access to the handgun and the contents at the office and home.