Camping cots

Things to know about Camping Cots

Whenever someone hears the word camping cots, one always recalls of the camping trips that they had in their lives. So, what are camping cots actually. Let’s get to know about it in details.


Camping cots are nothing but small portable beds that are used when normal beds cannot be used or is not accessible. It is quite light-weight and foldable making it easy to carry around whenever and wherever one is going for a trip. Its frame is made up of light steel or wood and is then covered with a canvas of nylon or polyester. These features make it ideal for services such as; army activities, emergency situations during a rescue or crisis scenario or other outdoor activities like camping.


What are the benefits of these camping cots?Camping cots

Before buying a cot, one must always look at the advantages that comes with it and then purchase accordingly. Given below are some of the reasons why one should buy a camping cot.

  • Frame: – it is undoubtedly the most important factor when it comes to comfort. The cots are generally made up of either steel, aluminum or sometimes wood. As the frames are expected to be light-weight, durable, sturdy and weather-resistant. It is also made as such that it could be folded easily and packed up in low spaces. The joints should be flexible enough to fold and unfold the frame in minimum time.
  • Fabric: – yet another important factor of a cot is its quality fabric. Generally, cots are made up of nylon or polyester but there is also custom-made fabrics like cotton that gives a finishing texture to the comfort provided. Being made up of a good quality fabric makes it easy to set-up and also let one have a comforting experience spending the time on it without hurting the skin.
  • Insulation feature: – the sleeping cots are generally lifted up from the ground that allows the cool air to get underneath and thus warming up the fabric for a good night sleep. It comes with extra built-in foams or a thicker sized mattress for this.
  • Size: – there are a variety of sizes offered. Ranging from the very multiple sleeper to the single ones. It is for those people who tend to roll around in sleep or need more space.
  • Legs: – the cots in two types of leg options: The X-shaped and the U-shaped legs. The X-shaped legs are mainly used during some heavy operations or weight carrying, they are quite sturdy but aren’t much flexible when come to folding. The U-shaped legs on the other hand are mainly designed to distribute weight evenly. They are less sturdy than the other alternative but is quite flexible at its folds.


Now it can be easy to determine which type of cot is ideal for use. Looking at the above listed reasons, one definitely chooses for his own. For instance, if someone is going for a camping trip one may choose the camping cots according to the suitable options like, light-weight frame (aluminum or wood), flexibility and efficient foldable options, small sized and U-shaped. And in times of emergency situations, it is advisable that one should purchase a sturdier frame (steel) and X-shaped legs to be able to handle weight factors.