best welders for beginners

The job of choosing the right welding machine for beginners

Are you thinking of a career in welding? If yes, then you need a welding machine that would help you with this type of work. Buying a welder is a long-term decision, that can save repair costs and also some extra income in the future.  If you buy yourself the best welder, then you will be able to perform a number of welding tasks on your own. The best welder obviously would help you complete every task with utmost ease, which is why choosing the right machine is important. But for buying a welder, you need to determine the work that the welder would do and also ask yourself a few questions prior to buying the welder.

Questions to ask

Well, to choose one welder out of a number of best welders for beginners is a difficult task, so ask yourself the following questions prior to buying one:

  • What type of welding work do you have to do?
  • Are you looking for an easy welding technique?
  • What is the price range that you can afford?
  • How often will you be using the welder?
  • Do you have 220V power support?

The welder choicesbest welders for beginners

There are quite a number of best welders for beginners; the choices are ample. So when you are done asking yourself the above-mentioned questions, choose the right welder according to your welding requirement:

  • MIG welders- The MIG welders are quite popular as they tend to cost a lot less and come with features that are easy to learn, and to handle a variety of different projects. These MIG welders use inert gas in order to shield the weld and to keep the impurities away. The use of inert gas makes the MIG welding process quite neat and easy to clean. Welders of this kind can be used on a variety of materials, like aluminium which is used for automotive work. However, MIG welders require a lot of extra materials that can increase the overall cost of the process.
  • TIG welding- TIG welders are preferred the most because of their versatility. However, to use the TIG welders for the TIG welding process, one needs a good deal of training and welding glasses as it is not as simple as the MIG welding process.
  • Stick welder- Stick welding is known to be an effective technique for welding alloys and joints but it is also the least efficient. This process uses the stick welder that can work anywhere. The stick electrode is coated with flux that can easily cover the weld and also protect it.

Lastly, one thing to remember while choosing a welder is to keep the duty cycle in mind; a duty cycle is the length of the time a welder can run before it needs to be cooled down. The less expensive welders come with shorter duty cycles; while the expensive ones have longer duty cycles.