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Get Rid of Pests By Buying The Best Bug Zappers

Well, bug zappers are essential, although you may not them all year around. It’s perhaps a very important thing in many places depending upon the place you live in. Flying pests such as mosquitos and flies can be really irritating as the days get longer and the weather becomes warmer. There are many bug zappers in the market who claim to be effective but we need to examine each of them for its functionality and how strong the case it presents for you to buy them. Hence, let’s go through some of the best bug zapper, their types along with their specialties.

It’s Use:best bug zapper

But what is a bug zapper? It is a very simplistic device that consists of an exterior casing, also referred to as a housing, a fluorescent light attracting insects, wire grids inside the casing and a transformer to generate an electric charge. So when the light or other attractants catch the attention of any insect, it moves towards the light or attractant. It means that it goes through the exterior housing and tries to reach the light. The metal grid here then electrocutes the bug.

Additional Features:

While the flies and moth are easily lured by the UV light, other insects need more stimulation. While it is known that the mosquitos are attracted to light, they also have a thing for the smell of human sweat or even carbon dioxide from your breath. The best bug zappers also have pheromone lures and carbon dioxide emitters along with conventional rights.


  • Horizontal Light Zappers: These are large, boxy units that are intended for indoor use. Perhaps, a large mesh grid here covers the sides that allow the insects to enter and get zapped. There are also different models available in the market, the most effective ones within 20-watt
  • Vertical Light Zappers: These light bulbs are placed vertical and it is waterproof which helps it in using it both in indoor and outdoor settings. It can also be made to look like lanterns or more stylish lights, instead of just boxy and plain structure.
  • Bug Zapper Light Bulbs: These are made to fit in the standard socket, like specialized bulbs with zapper component. They are used as bug zapper porch light, although not offering much light, they are effective enough to kill insects.
  • Electronic Bug Repellent: They act as an interior mosquito repellent and needs to be plugged into the socket, emitting a high-frequency sound, being reputed as deter pests. It is important to know that they don’t kill the pests but actually keep them away, which sometimes can be helpful.

Functions and Features:

Each bug zapper has one specialty that it deals with and around which it also holds other features.

  • They offer powerful insect control that attracts and kills both flies, moths, and
  • It is safe to use and protects you and your family.
  • It is chemical free where insects are attracted and killed.
  • A simple installation process and it can be easily transported.
  • Insect disposal mechanism is also added to the kit.